Equipment Catalogue

Deep C SUV Tooling

Deep C Telecopic SUV Manipulator

The Deep C Telescopic SUV Manipulator provides SUV flexibility and opportunity to Reach into areas With difficult access. The manipulator has a wide variety of outreach and is easy to maneouver even with fully extended arm.

  • Lateral swing to both sides
  • Can be fitted with various tools and equipment
  • Linear and swing sensors for monitoring
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Deep C HD SUV Manipulator

The Deep C HD SUV Manipulator consists of a robust design and is intended to be used for various tasks. The manipulator design makes it especially capable for operation of Heavy duty equipment.

  • Can be equipped with several tools and excavation equipment
  • Subsea tooling interchangability
  • Sensors for live monitoring
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Deep C Concrete Breaker

The Deep C Concrete Breaker is a powerful chissel hammer. It is intended to be operated by Deep C SUV or ROV for demolition of structures, such as concrete, grout or rocks

  • Operated by Deep C SUV or ROV
  • Can be fitted with different chissel types/ sizes
  • Low weight and easy to install
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Deep C Tiger Claw

The Deep C Tiger Claw is a versatile tool for recovery and relocation of debris, boulders and subsea assets. It is operated by the Deep C SUV or by vessel Crane.

  • Full opening at 1.8 m
  • Lifting capacity SWL 900 kg
  • Can be operated with 360 degree rotator
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Deep C Mini Grab

The Deep C® Mini Grab is used for seabed sampling, removal of sediments and debris, and operated by Deep C® SUV® or by vessel crane.

  • Volume 220 L
  • Lifting capacity SWL 600 kg
  • Can be operated with 360ᵒ rotator
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Deep C SUV ROV Manipulator Platform

The Deep C ROV Manipulator Platform consits of two Schilling T4 Manipulators and a tooling basket. The ROV Manipulator platform is installed on the tip of Deep C Telescopic SUV Manipulator, and can provide accessibiity for ROV intervention work where a traditional ROV cannot Access.

  • Platoform for ROV manipulators, with tooling basket
  • Allows ROV intervention work where traditional ROV cannot access
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Deep C Drum Cutter

The Deep C Drum Cutter is an excellent tool for hard material such as clay, rock, grout or concrete. The design makes it ideal for break, cut or trim of different profiles, trenches, hard soil excavation and demolition.

  • Efficient material removal
  • Low vibration
  • High production rate
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Deep C Diamond Wire Saw

The Deep C® Diamond Wire Saw is a lightweight and robust cutting tool for ROV and SUV® interface.

  • Light weighted and easily maneuverable by ROV
  • Cutting capacity up to 18”
  • Cutting speed up to 40 mm per min
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Deep C ROV Rotary Saw

The Deep C® ROV Rotary Saw uses purpose built carbide or diamond cutting blades and can cut through most materials.

  • Versatile tool for cutting on complex surfaces
  • Cutting blades up to 14” diameter
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Deep C 520 bar Jetting Unit

The Deep C 520 bar Jetting Unit supplies high pressure which makes it effective for use on a variety of applications. The pump design makes it easy to install and reliable in operaton.

  • Quick interface to ROV or Deep C SUV
  • Selection of nozzle configurations
  • Built in relief valve
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Deep C 1000 bar Subsea Jetting System

The Deep C 1000 bar Subsea Jetting System provides high pressure and high volume and can be used for a wide variety of Applications. The pump is deployed Subsea and is Powered through an electrical umbilical, requiring a minimum footprint on deck.

  • Can operate as stand alone unit, or fully integrated onboard Deep C SUV
  • Provides 200 lpm at 1000 bar
  • Versatle solution for a wide variety of applications
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Deep C SUV 3in1 Excavation Bucket

The Deep C SUV 3in1 Excavation Bucket is used for dredging/ excavation in hard seabed material. In addition to mechanical break up by the bucket, the excavation bucket includes jetting nozzles to fluidize cohesive seabed and suction to empty the bucket and transport sediments to disposal area.

  • Mechanical break up of hard seabed
  • In built jetting nozzle for fluidization of cohesive sediments
  • suction for bucket emptying and sediment transportation
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Suction Nozzles

Deep C holds an extensive range of dredging suction nozzles applicable for rock Removal, Precision dredging, clay cutting, long outreach, dredging in restricted areas etc.

  • Various sizes up to 16" diameter
  • Integrated jetting nozzle for clay fluidization
  • Different lengths and shapes for a variety of applications
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Transport discharge hose

The Deep C SUV has the capability to transport sediments over extensive distances (several hundred meters). A transport discharge hose, With roobust design and tested for purpose, donnects to the Deep C SUV dredge outlet and leads the sediments to designated disposal area

  • Subsea quick connecti/ release to dredge outlet
  • Exhaust outlet can be maneuvred by ROV or fixed at location
  • Adjustable in length and flexible for positioning and handling
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Multibeam Imaging Sonar

The Deep C SUV can operate sophisticated multibeam imaging sonars for real time target track and Subsea visualization. Deep C holds a range of sonars of various types and for different applications

  • Range of sonars available
  • Can be used in combination with Deeo C Visualization System
  • Extensive interfacing capabilities on Deep C SUV
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Deep C HD Hydraulic Breaker

The Deep C HD Hydraulic Breaker is designed to be operated by Deep C SUV. It is robust and efficient for breaking of solid structures on the seabed

  • Hevy duty breaker
  • Subsea quick connect to Deep C SUV
  • Efficient and reliable
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iXBlue Octans 3000

OCTANS is a subsea survey-grade gyrocompass and complete motion sensor for water depths up to 3,000m. Based on FOG technology it outputs heading, roll, pitch, surge, sway and acceleration.

  • Complete gyrocompass and motion sensor
  • Small, portable plug and play system
  • Unique strap down technology
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